Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25

Well here we are in the midst of our first stiffling heat wave of 2009. We had a great weekend for our neighborhood garage sales. I drove around and saw too many sales to keep count. I heard that some of us made well over $150.

Our next event is going to be our annual picnic September 12. I don't recall the times, but it will be at Hodell Acres (Elmhurst and Fernwood). We have use of the entire property - pavillion, pond, playground, woods with trails, lodge with bathroom, and ball diamond. The association will be providing the meat, juice drink, plates, and tableware. We ask that each family provide a covered dish, desert, or salad - also bring the needed serving utensils.

We are doing something different this year at the picnic - we are having the annual association meeting too. I have been involved in the association for about 3 years now, and we have yet to have 3 residents attend - other than most of the association board members. The meeting won't last too long, but we will have important information to give out, as well as get information from the entire neighborhood. So please make plans to be there.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer activities

This summer we have several things going on.
-As the newsletter pointed out, we are having our first plant auction. What this entails is this - you dig up a plant in your yard, pot it, label what it is, and briefly describe its needs (how much water, light, etc.). Alot of our plants need thinned down to stay healthy and this is a great way to share what works in our area. The plants need to be dropped off to 5022 Tyrone May 28 or 29 in the evening hours. We will then be aucioning them off and Saturday May 30. So come and bring some money too. All money will be set aside and used for improving our neighborhood.
-June 12 and 13 will be our garage sales. We will be advertising it in all local papers. There is NO rain dates. Last year very few people took advantage of our advertising and had a sale. I hope this year will prove to be different.
-Sept 12 will be our annual picnic. This year it will closer to home - Hodell Acres on Elmhurst drive. We will be having our annual meeting there too. Watch here for more details.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow, snow, and more snow!!

I love snow. It only happens under perfect conditions. Some people seem to hate the snow, but it makes everything beautiful. Eight months of the year, it only rains. Snow is magical. It is pure, fresh, invigorating, quiet, and powerful. To hear some people go on about the snow, you would think we are living in Florida or it is ruining the 4th of July picnic.
I love and celebrate all the seasons for what they are. Each season, like life, has its own wonderful, unique days and nights that make it worth seeing the next season.
Right this minute, my youngest daughter is in Lutheran hospital about to give my wife and I our 2nd grandchild, a girl (if the ultrasounds are correct). Our other daughter had our first grandchild, also a girl, on the evening of the ice storm. I guess I am posting this to keep myself busy while I'm waiting for word of progress.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ice Storm 2008

The warnings of a major ice storm seemed to be heeded man and beast alike. But I don't think anyone was prepared for such wide spread damage. I believe our entire neighborhood lost power by 8am Friday morning and some of us had power around 10pm Sunday. But it was unstable and not reliable. We left for Christmas Eve service at 5pm and alot of the homes were still dark, but when we came back home the rest of the neighborhood was lit up again. At night our neighborhood was eerily beautiful! I was encouraged to see us helping each other throughout this time. from what I could see, we all had damage to one degree or another. Some of us had REAL troubles and the beauty was hard to find.


Here are some of the pictures

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beautiful yard award for Christmas decorations

This week the judging will take place and a very deserving award will be given. There are so many to pick from so this won't be easy.
I hope to also have a picture of the finalist here along with the winner.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its been awhile...

I know its been 2 months since I've posted anything, but there really isn't much going on right now. We've had our annual meeting with the poorest attendence that we've ever had. Only 1 out of 12 street representatives even showed up. And only 2 residents showed up, they were spouses of board members.
I wrote a letter to all street rep's and reminded them of their commitment. I hope our February meeting is better attended.
Our 4th district city councilmen, Mitch Harper, is going to do a heighborhood walk this spring with us. We hope to use this opportunity to get more people involved with our association.
Its hard to know what needs done here if we don't get any input from our residents.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hello again...

Sorry for the long delay in that Picnic follow-up post...
I would like to thank the volunteers who gave VERY selfishly of their time, talents, and money! Just about averyone on the association board put in lots of hours from planning, setting up, cleaning up, making gifts, cooking, face painting, and just plain making this a success.
Thanks to Fernwood street rep Steve Adams for arranging for FWFD to bring a firetruck so the kids could climb through it and 'fire up' their imagination.
The weather was fabulous, Dave Smiths' cooking was great, and the desserts were awesome.
I hope everyone will plan to be at the assocation general meeting in November...I will have all the details for that soon.